We are a collective of concerned citizens producing video reports about social justice, non-violent conflict resolution, and direct democracy, information mostly neglected or down-played by commercial media.

Starting in 1988, we focused primarily on global justice and peace issues.

By 1990 we expanded our priorities into the citizens right to recall politicians – In 1996 the BC Government passed “Recall and Initiative” Legislation.

Because the government of BC did not provide a practical mechanisms for recall and initiative, in 2005, with the intention of facilitating the citizens right to initiate legislation, we offered a polling system where citizens can initiate policy alternatives, vote on plebiscites, and be counted.

To practice direct democracy, we developed a complementary website www.nowpolling.ca 

Starting in 2012, www.pasifik.ca  welcomes your comments on our featured videos.

You can also contact us with your suggestions for the improvement of our projects at pasifik@vcn.bc.ca