A tool for social change in our life time: “Direct Democracy”

Ion Delsol challenges that ion of the sun in each one of us to step out of the traditional,  150 year-old representative, hierarchical system of governance.

The simple yet profound hypothesis, in these a few pages, suggests a monumental political shift of legislative power from being legislated and executed by a few political leaders to being decided directly by all citizens, by referendum.

It starts by reviewing the global, historical evolution of democracy. On the second part, it briefly looks into political ideologies and the current system of governance in Canada. On the third section, selecting some factual examples, it shows the obvious disconnect between the government’s decisions and most citizens’ vision of social justice.

After defining the context of global democracy and the problems of representative democracy, it finally describes what  “Direct Democracy” is and how would it change the social order for the better.

Because DD is all about referendums, it includes a list of relevant referendums that have taken place in Canada. It also explores the concerns of many citizens about changing the established political order.

Finally, it offers a framework of a constitution for a sovereign state or provinces within a New Federation of Canada.

The central message in this paper is that in order to gain sovereignty, we must assume the responsibility of legislating our own constitutional statutes, laws, and regulations.

It says that, the social change, most of us want, may be realized more effectively, by ourselves with a DD system than by empowering political leaders and political parties.