We are a collective of concerned citizens producing video reports about social justice, non-violent conflict management, and direct democracy by referendum.

Starting in 1988, we begun broadcasting, on community television, information about Global Justice.

After sharing as much information as possible, attending rallies for peace and social justice, and discussing social issues on workshops and social forums, we realized that the second step for social change is to develop policies and mechanisms to gauge public opinion.

We lobbied politicians, and by 1991 the last BC Social Credit government run a referendum on the citizens’ right to recall and referendum. 85% and 83% respectively voted yes. – By 1996 the BC- NDP Government passed “Recall and Initiative” Legislation.

Although the government of BC brought in the needed legislation for social change, it did not provide a practical mechanism for recall and initiative. So, in 2005, with the intention of facilitating the citizens right to initiate legislation, we offered a www.NowPolling.ca system where citizens can initiate policy alternatives, vote on plebiscites, and be counted.

To practice direct democracy, we require a third step. That is for citizens to be ready, able and willing to participate in polls, plebiscites, and referendums.

You can also contact us with your suggestions for the improvement of our projects at [email protected]