You can see, in this public hearing about sewage treatment, how disconnected are the political representatives from the citizens. This disconnect can easily be changed by citizens enacting direct democracy through referendums, as proposed on the booklet “Perpetual Direct Democracy” published by
CRD Public Hearings part one video – 29 minutes
CRD Public Hearings Part 2 – 29:30

CRD Votes on Secondary Treatment

The capital regional district of municipalities, CRD, overwhelmingly votes, November 27, 2012, against a motion to delay the secondary treatment project until the best method of pollution control is discussed, understood, and accepted by the majority of citizens.
4 part video 14 minute each.
CRD Votes – video part 1
CRD Votes – video part 2
CRD Votes – video part 3
CRD Votes – video part 4