A revival of The gospel of love, peace and justice was reminded by Ingo Schmidt and other activists in Vancouver, Canada, on November 15, 2015

Policy of Austerity -by Ingo Schmidt – 4:44
the Logic of Austerity – By Ingo Schmidt 6:11
the Triple “A” Credit – by Ingo Schmidt 6:19
Uniting Economies by Perpetual Wars – by Ingo Schmidt 4:53
The Reasons for War – by Ingo Schmidt 10:35
What Can We Do? – by Ingo Schmidt 6:20

EU Austerity for Ukraine – by Roger Annis – 14 min. video
EU Austerity for Greece – by Sid Shniad – 14 min. Video

Canada’s Illegal Wars by Gail Davidson – 29 minute video