Randy Jenzen, the organizer of the 2016 International Peace Conference in Nelson, BC, Canada, explains why he continues to raise awareness of peace and justice in our chaotic world.
7 minute video.

Dohrea Bardell – Fielding Graduate University – Reviews the writings of German Philosopher Immanuel Kant.

Shatha Almutawa from George Washington University tells the story of “A Tenth-Century Muslim Model of Peacemaking”

Rafi Nets-Zehngut – The Israeli “Popular Memory” of the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict.

Professor Richard Jackson shows through his research that nonviolence does work.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby by Laura Sacks

Polly Walker,talks about The Conflict Transformation Potential of Performance.

Peace Studies Writ Large – Lowell Ewert suggests incorporating peace in free trade agreements, business, tourism, engineering, policing, etc.

Kingian Nonviolence in Education with Jim Handley

Defense Spending and GDP – by Bodrun Nahar.

Racial Identity with Jesse Pineiro

Peace Credits with Furquan Gehlen

Okanagan Lyrics with Renee Jackson-Harper

Militant Research by Michael Loadenthal.

Demilitarization for Decarbonization by Tamara Lorincz

Nonviolence in Ireland’s Independence by Patrick Van Wegen

Turning the Clock Back on Libya: What if we had used nonviolence? by Jonathan Buttle and Randy Jenzen

Gardening for Peace by Tim A. Collardey and Elizabeth Kimjin Collardey”

Sanctuary as a Concept of Peacebuilding by Toran Hansen”