Ingo Schmidt speaks about Neo–Liberalism, and the New Right.
Vancouver, Canada – November 19, 2016

Gary Cristall speaks about Fascism, Populism, and Nationalism.
14 minute video.

Arun Gupta, a journalist from NY, calls for the libido effect to revive socialism.

Roger Annis, “A Socialist in Canada”, questions the need for political parties – 10 minute video

Political Forum on Social Democracy and Neo-Liberalism by Ingo Schmidt.-18 minute Video.

European Social Democrats and its Discontents by Peter Prontzos.-17 minute video

Oraganizational Perspectives for Starting a Political Sam Gindin.- 20 minute video

Sid Shniad and Arun Gupta present the Sanders Paper –
29 minute video

Brenda Wilson and Brandon Gabriel speak about the Never Ending Wrong and a New Resistance.- 29 minute video

Yves Engler talks about his new book about “A Propaganda System –
29 minute video.