Dominicus Rohde, a director of the Schengen Peace Foundation, calls for the European Union to open its doors to the world.

Closing Ceremony, with Dominicus Rohde – June 22, 2014 Perl, Germany
Improving Representative Democracy – with Marcus van der Erve
Restorative Justice and Retributive Justice – Dr. Jaime Cardenas
CAUX Initiatives of Change by Charles Danguy
Europe’s Unfinished Business – Adrian Dan Pop
Historical Background of Turkey
European Union and Turkey
Peace for Kashmir
War as Means to Peace
International Institutions in Pakistan – To help or hinder?
Pakistan and the Taliban
Make Profits Illegal – part 1 by Metissia Singer
Make Profits Illegal – part 2 by Metissia Singer
Ambassadors For Peace – Dr. Martha Llanos
War Is a Profitable business. by Dr. Christian Barkei and Naveed Elahi
Uncollected taxes and Economic Justice by Dirk Loehr
Peaceful Evolution of Poland – Ambassador Bartosz Jatowiecki
Calling for Peace Ministries – Part 1 – Aditya Sharma
Calling for Peace Ministries – Part 2 – Aditya Sharma
International NGOs promoting peace
The People of Maidan – Ukraine
The Eurepean Parliament Explained by Christoph Schroeder, Luxembourg.
Opening ceremony – Mayor Ben Homan – Schengen, Luxembourg -June 18, 2014.