Sahar Vardii, an Israeli, talks about how militarism is so ingrained in the Israeli school system and society, that Israelis see it as normal.

Sahar Vardi an Israeli citizens talks about who benefits from the militarization of Israel’s society.
Sahar Vardi’s video part 2

Omar Barghouti explains that BDS is the most effective nonviolent popular resistant and solidarity movement with Palestinians in the world today.BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) video/a>

Lawyer, Gerard Horton from the organization Military Court Watch explains the circumstances around a Palestinian child’s arrest and what happens during the first 24 hours of that arrest by the Israeli military.
Military Court Watch Video part 1
Military Court Watch part two
Military Court Watch Q&A

Lawyer Salwa Duaibis is a a founding member of Military Court Watch and Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling..In this video Salwa talks about her work with families who have had children incarcerated in Israeli prisons.
Human Rights in Palestine by Salwa Dauibis

Cindy, from the Christian Peacemaker Teams explains the difficult situation for Palestinians living in Hebron with the Ideological settlers and the Israeli military.CPT video

In Dec. 2014 Robert and Maurine Tobin went to Gaza to witness and report on the horrible bombing of Gaza by the Israeli Military in July of that year. They were devastated by what they saw: houses, apartment buildings, schools, factories, the zoo and children’s playgrounds were all destroyed. 250,000 people are now homeless and 10,895 are wounded and 2,191 were killed. Maurine says, what is common knowledge in Israel and that is “Gaza is used as a testing ground for the Israeli Military hardware”.

Ruth Edmonds, an Israeli, explains the terror that Palestinians experience when having their homes demolished, and she explains the State of Israel’s rational for giving the demolition orders.

Ruth Edmonds talks about the illegal separation wall in Palestine: the cost and why it is not for security The Israeli Separation Wall video

Israeli Jeff Halper explains why he thinks a “One State” solution is now the only option left for peace in Israel and Palestine.Jeff Halper’s video

Mazin Qumsiyeh emphasis that the problem is colonization and the occupation is a symptom of that. He also explains why he thinks that this colonization will fail just as all the others have that were tried in that area. Mazin Qumsiyeh’s video