While We Were Sleeping: From Dystopia to Global Awakening

Prof. Lauren Langman from Loyola University speaks about the dystopia of social movements. 12-minute video

Social activist from Pennsylvania,Carl Davidson, speaks about the need to coordinate Occupy Movement, labour unions, and the masses. 7-minute video

Prof. Jackie Smith from the University of Pittsburgh speaks enthusiastically about Occupy movements and other social forums. 9-minute video

Prof. Jay smith, from Athabasca University, speaks about Horizontality or participatory democracy. 18 minute raw video

Prof. Manfred Steger researches on the social movements’ need to develop a coherent, alternative political system if they want to be effective.
13 minute video

Prof. Paul James, figuratively speaking, says that social movements have hit the wall, and that people on Main Street need to build alternative systems of services and trade which are independent from Wall Street and independent from the current system of representative democracy.15 minute video

Prof. Jerry Harris, from DeVry University in Chicago, speaks about Dystopia and Democracy: Power and the Transnational Capitalist Class.
14 minute video

Prof. William Carroll, from the University of Victoria, speaks about Alternative Policy Groups and Global Civil society: Networks and Discourses of Counter-Hegemony
13 minut video